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Women's NIL Program

Championing the potential and power of female athletes, GoalGettHERs: Women's NIL Program is dedicated to uplifting and empowering the next generation of collegiate sports stars. Harness the strength of your talent, build a unique brand, and elevate your potential with us.

As a leader in sports marketing and branding, we understand the unique challenges that student-athletes face. That's why our NIL program is tailored to provide you with the tools, resources, and personalized support you need to thrive in this new era of college sports.

Join FayeVaughn Creative today and take control of your NIL opportunities!

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Championing a New Era in Sports

The landscape of collegiate sports is shifting. With the NCAA’s recently implemented Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) rights, athletes now have the unprecedented opportunity to monetize their personal brand while still in college. This, however, is a new road, one that requires sound knowledge and guidance to navigate effectively, and that’s where ‘GoalGettHERs' comes in.

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Our Mission

The mission of GoalGettHERs is to provide a springboard for ambitious female collegiate athletes to establish and enhance their personal brand through leveraging NIL rights. We're setting the stage for a world where women's sports get equal representation and opportunity.

Brilliance in Numbers: Women in NIL

Though often overlooked, the statistics speak to the untapped potential of women athletes in NIL:

  • Women account for 43% of all NCAA athletes, yet only a fraction of this number are harnessing their NIL rights.

  • Despite the gap in media coverage, female athletes have a higher average engagement rate per social media post compared to their male counterparts, a promising indicator for potential endorsement opportunities.

  • The recent lifting of NIL restrictions presents immense potential for the more than 460,000 student-athletes across the US, a significant portion of whom are women.

What We Offer

Personal Branding & Strategy

Discover Your Distinct Edge – Develop a winning brand strategy that highlights your unique strengths and elevates your market value

Public Relations & Media Coaching

Master Your Message – Enhance your communication skills and media presence with personalized coaching, ensuring you make a lasting impact.

Social Media Management

Amplify Your Digital Presence – Engage with your audience and showcase your story through curated, high-quality content that resonates with your fans.

Compliance & Legal Support

Navigate NIL with Confidence – Stay compliant and eligible with our dedicated team, guiding you through the complexities of NCAA regulations.

Sponsorship & Endorsement Deals

Maximize Your Marketability – Leverage our expert negotiators to secure lucrative partnerships and ensure fair compensation for your name, image, and likeness.

Financial Management & Education

Build Your Financial Future – Learn to manage and invest your earnings wisely, setting a strong foundation for long-term financial success.

Equipping our players with the right set of tools and knowledge is at the heart of our work:


Why Join GoalGetthers?

Being a part of the GoalGettHERs community signifies aligning yourself with progress, personal growth, and success. It signifies standing alongside remarkable women who are changing the game — on and off the field.

Exploit untapped opportunities, break the glass ceiling, and set your path to being a successful sports entrepreneur beyond your collegiate years.

Ready to be a part of something revolutionary?


Contact us today at

Join us on this journey and let your athletic potential shine. Be a GoalGettHER. Chart your course in this new era of collegiate sports. GoalGettHERs: Women's NIL Program — empower yourself, score your goals, and inspire many more.

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